Deposit Methods for American & International Players


    For details on making credit card deposits Click here.

    Credit Card Agreement Form Here

    Special Note:
    Credit card companies have implemented systems that allow banks to identify the nature of any purchase made online. Some banks have responded cautiously by declining online gaming purchases. click here

    Prepaid Reloadable and Gift Cards:

    These can be ordered online or purchased near your location. Contact our Deposit Options Department by email [email protected], chat or toll free phone number, for instructions on how to get and reload this Preferred Method.

    Contact our support group at: [email protected], they will provide a persons name to send the payment, you will be credited within 5-15 minutes of receiving the control number.

    We will be able to make fast credits to your account 24 hours all year round!!! For your FIRST Money Order deposit we will cover the delivery charge.
    We will cover the delivery charge for Money Order deposits of $100 or more.
    We will credit your account with a one time 15% bonus.

    Click here to read more about our special Money Order Initial Deposit Bonus!!!

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